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Dustin's Boulder Dash 05

Dustin's Boulder Dash 05

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Dustin Bachstein Germany

Release date:

Jul 2014










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Added on:

20 Dec 2014

Last update:

20 Dec 2014



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Posted by Dustin (author) on 31 May 2015

Hi BD fans, this is my latest game from Dustin's Boulder Dash, a classical 5-level game which is very much playable but (hopefully) not too easy either!
Cave descriptions and names:

A (Avanti!) An easy intro, on the higher levels you might feel the time pressure!
B (Quattro Stagioni) Find your way through the four areas of this cave in a merry-go-round!
C (Dungeon): Having escaped the immediate danger, tons of jewels await you!
D (Farfalle): Which path is the right one? And there's a surprise as well!
Int 1 (Burglary): Timing is everything here!

E (Avalanche): Within a mass of rocks, pick up (all of) the few jewels!
F (Trap Me): What is this: it looks like jelly, makes a strange noise and if you trap it, the amoeba converts? :D
G (Pyramid): It's quite clear what to do, but also do it in the right order!
H (Troublemaker): Just following the safe path won't give you enough diamonds, so some kind of chaos is needed!
Int 2 (Dance): In order to fool the firefly, you must know all about its moving patterns!

I (Inflation): Here it's not so important to collect as many jewels as possible, but rather to use them to find your way to the exit!
J (Deflation): As a contrast to the previous cave, here the jewels are very rare and precious!
K (Meteor Strike): This is some kind of mixture between timing and puzzling!
L (Escape Tunnel): After escaping the butterflies, it's you who attacks!
Int 3 (Diagon Alley 2): Precisely placed explosions are the key here!

M (Tick Tock Clock): Rule 1: Don't panic! Rule 2: Find and use the gaps!
N Blow-Up): Having overslept the fireworks, Rockford comes out and still finds lots of fireflies!
O (Outsmarted!): Two more fireflies to fool!
P (Gilded Cage): If you look at this as an old-fashioned amoeba-butterfly-explosion-cave, then mmost probably the exit won't open!
Int 4 (Dodgeball): One good reflex - and the rest is simple!

Hope you enjoy the game! Cheers Dustin


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