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Re: Alchemyst Dig!

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Well this is unexpected.

Alchemyst Dangerdash Vol.3 has been released. This is more of a "return visit to the alchemyst" caveset involving mineral gemstones. Each cave has RGB color arrays representative of these gemstones in some way, or how they are presented. Look at the titles to see exactly what gemstone is used, as well as the actual title of the caves.

The difficulty of "Mohs 6" is a reference to the Mohs scale of hardness, which indicates not only scratch resistance, but how capable a mineral can scratch a lesser hardness.

A drop for the BDGB is en route.

P.S. I made sure to test every level of every cave this time, so as to not screw up this particularly momentuous release ;) Something I should be doing all the time :P But this will be the last caveset of the year.
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