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Welcome / Guidelines

Post by Arno »

Welcome to the forum! This is the first Boulder Dash discussion board in English language.

Some rules & guidelines:
- This forum is for both beginning and experienced Boulder Dash (BD) fans. The aim is to keep the game alive, to talk about the BD games, discuss related issues, and help each other with games or tools. If you're new to the subject, please don't hesitate to register just because a few topics seem to go much into the (technical) details. For this reason I will also include some Tutorials explaning various aspects of playing BD. Any questions? Ask them here!
- Ideas about this forum (or the guidelines) are more than welcome! Please drop me a PM in case you like to discuss that.
- Spamming is not allowed!
- The language of the forum is English.
- Please use your account for posting in the forum. Users who have registrated but don't post any article will possibly be deleted after one week of inactiveness.
- Please reply on-topic. In particular, topics about a specific BD issue should not end up into a chat session. For this purpose, I have opened Café Rockford (forum 'Chat' under category 'General'). There you can discuss anything not related to BD, and anything that otherwise doesn't fit into the Boulder Dash forums.
- Unlike other discussion boards on internet, rankings and titles will not be assigned to members of this forum. By definition, this community is about sharing thought of BD, not about competition. So I think that in principle all members should be treated equally respectful. The use of ranks does not fit with this philosophy. (OK, people may argue that 'Site Admin' is a higher rank than 'Member'. Indeed it's true that I have more buttons available than the rest, but I won't call myself 'Super Moderator' or 'Boulder Dash God' or any crap like that...)
- And finally, please don't post material which may offend any people, including the forum members, other BD fans, and the copyright holders of the BD game. Post any links to downloadable files at your own risk.

Have fun!
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